Grab 'N Go Breakfast

Embark on a breakfast adventure like no other at Summit Lodge! Our Grab 'n Go Breakfast, priced at just $19.90++ per person, offers a captivating journey for your taste buds. Choose your morning vibe from the Big Red Bowl or Wrap, loaded with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, melted cheddar, and tomato reduction.

Alternatively, opt for the Emerald Bowl or Wrap, featuring mushroom, pepper, and kale scrambled eggs, plant-based sausage, hashbrowns, melted cheddar, and tomato reduction. For a refreshing start, try the Jersey Cream Parfait – a delightful blend of coconut yogurt, triple berry compote, organic granola, and fresh seasonal fruits (VG).

Each breakfast set includes a whimsical touch with ChairSnacks – a combo of a fresh baked muffin, mini-Danish, granola bar, and a bottle of orange juice. How to bring this enchanting breakfast experience to your door? It's as easy as catching fireflies!

Here's the magical drill:

STEP 1: Call our front desk before 9pm.
STEP 2: Share your room number and choose your breakfast delight.
STEP 3: Select a breakfast delivery time from 7am, 7:30am, 8am, 8:30am, or 9am.
STEP 4: Drift into dreamland or snooze away – your breakfast will be on its way!

Remember, the order cut-off time is 9pm, and there's a limited fantastical spread each day, so dial in now to ensure your spot in this flavor-filled journey. Wake up to the rhythm of peace, love, and breakfast bliss at Summit Lodge!


++ 5% GST & 10% service fee
*Fits in most ski jacket pockets.