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Paradox EcoEdge Program

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Welcome to Paradox EcoEdge, where luxury meets sustainability in a harmonious embrace of environmental responsibility. Our dedication to sustainability resonates in every aspect of our operation. From a rooftop Honey Bee Hive symbolizing life's interconnectedness to implementing responsible purchasing policies, and using eco-friendly cleaning products, our commitment is unwavering. Embracing energy-efficient building practices, reducing single-use plastics, and engaging in community support initiatives underscore our passion for preserving the environment for future generations. Join us on this transformative journey as we weave sustainability into the fabric of hospitality, ensuring a greener, cleaner, and more responsible tomorrow.

Our Five Pillar Approach

We approach the responsibility of caring for planet Earth with utmost seriousness, understanding that it goes beyond simple actions like switching off lights or cultivating an organic garden, although these actions are crucial. At Paradox Hotels & Resorts, we emphasize five essential pillars to guide our sustainability initiatives.



Nurturing a culture of care for staff and guests fosters a harmonious and thriving hospitality environment.


Sustainably manage carbon, energy, and waste; recycle for a greener future, nurturing a healthier environment for all.


Nurturing community bonds and preserving cultural heritage fosters a vibrant, resilient society for future generations.


Empower communities through equitable opportunities, fostering a sustainable social economy for collective prosperity and well-being.


Empowering communities with local, organic, health-conscious food choices, while fostering sustainability and managing food waste responsibly.

Our Green Philosophy

Nurturing Nature, Enriching Lives

At Paradox Hotels & Resorts, we champion a holistic sustainability philosophy that transcends borders and defines our commitment to a greener, responsible future. From Vancouver to Phuket, Kunshan to Singapore, and Summit, each of our establishments shares a unified ethos.

Blossoming Commitment: Rooftop Honey Bee Sanctuary

Picture a thriving hive atop our building—a symbol of our unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship and the crucial role of pollinators in our ecosystem.

Mindful Choices, Responsible Practices

Our commitment to sustainability encompasses responsible purchasing and eco-friendly cleaning. Every choice aligns with our unwavering dedication to the environment.

Rooms That Care: Where Comfort Meets Conservation

Step into our rooms where sustainability seamlessly integrates. Minimize single-use plastics through refillable dispensers. Opt for linen changes only when necessary.

Banquets & Sales with a Purpose

Join our mission during events, minimizing food waste through plated options. Fostering earth-friendly waste practices ensures each occasion is memorable and responsible.


Behind the Scenes: Offices, Corporate, and Front Desk

Our sustainability commitment spans corporate operations, embracing back-of-house recycling, paperless check-ins, and QR codes to minimize paper use, showcasing our holistic approach.

Engaging the Community: Beyond Borders

Beyond our walls, we host events like the Lions Club fundraiser, supporting global education, and partner with BC Arthritis, showcasing our unwavering commitment to social responsibility.

Nurturing Talent, Extending Support

Our collaborations with institutions like Vancouver Community College and La Salle College reflect our commitment to advancing education in the hospitality sector.

Orchids, TukTuks, and Food Conservation

In Phuket, we restore the Orchid Sanctuary, repurpose TukTuks, and minimize food waste through strategic measures, surplus distribution, and organic waste conversion.

Proudly achieved 4 Green Keys certification award!

Paradox Hotel Vancouver proudly achieved the prestigious 4 Green Keys by Green Key Global, a testament to our outstanding commitment to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility.

Sustainability in Kunshan: Lights, Reduction, Integration

In Kunshan, sustainability is unmistakable with 100% LED lighting, no single-use items, and compliance with waste reduction laws, seamlessly woven into our daily operations.

A Tapestry of Sustainability Initiatives

Our Singapore location excels in sustainability—BCA Green Mark Platinum, energy-saving, water conservation, and ASEAN Green Hotel Standard—setting high environmental standards.

Lights, Water, and a Future Without Waste

Summit Lodge embodies unwavering sustainability, featuring refillable JRS amenities, LED lights, water-saving initiatives, and eliminating single-use items for a luxury-responsibility fusion.

Recognition & Awards

Several of our hotels have earned prestigious recognition for their unwavering commitment to sustainability. Notable achievements include BCA Green Mark Platinum awards, ASEAN Green Hotel Standard certification, and active participation in sustainability initiatives. Adding to this impressive list, Paradox Hotel Vancouver has recently been honored with 4 Green Keys by Green Key Global. These accolades solidify our dedication to minimizing environmental impact, aligning with our core values and underscoring our commitment to a sustainable future.

Join Our Green Journey

At Paradox Hotels & Resorts, we champion the strength of collaborative endeavors for a greener world. Join our mission by actively participating in our sustainability initiatives during your stay. Discover tips for supporting sustainability not only within our hotel but also in your everyday life. Together, let's make a lasting impact on the environment.




Opt for linen and towel changes only when necessary. Use in-room recycling bins and turn off lights when not needed.


Support local and sustainable options, whether it's in-room honor baskets or selecting nearby dining establishments.


Participate in our efforts by choosing plated options at banquets and sales. Be conscious of portion sizes and enjoy leftovers when possible.


Have you experienced the positive impact of our eco-friendly initiatives? Share your stories with us! Your testimonials inspire others to embrace sustainable living.


Experience sustainable hospitality with us! Book your eco-friendly stay today, where every reservation contributes to a greener, responsible future.


We invite guests and business partners to join hands in our mission. Explore sustainable stay options, or partner with us in making a lasting impact on the environment.