Unveil the Hidden Wonders of China in Kunshan

Embark on a Timeless Adventure Through Kunshan's Rich Tapestry of Attractions

Kunshan, a mesmerizing gem nestled between the vibrant metropolis of Shanghai and the enchanting city of Suzhou, welcomes you to a journey where past and present blend harmoniously amidst picturesque landscapes. Lose yourself in the captivating water towns of Zhouzhuang and Jinxi, where centuries-old bridges and houses whisper stories of a bygone era. Marvel at the lush beauty of Yangcheng Lake, home to the famous hairy crab, and immerse yourself in the serene sanctuary of Tinglin Park. This sprawling 850-acre park is named in honor of Gu Yanwu, a distinguished scholar from the Qing dynasty. 

At Paradox Kunshan, we invite you to embrace the magic of this multifaceted city. Delight in the rich culinary heritage that makes Kunshan a gastronomic paradise, the bustling energy of People's Square, and traverse the ancient city walls of Qiandeng Ancient Town. Let the enchanting spirit of Kunshan sweep you away as you create lasting memories in this truly extraordinary destination in China.

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Uncover the Wonders of Kunshan

Embark on an exhilarating journey as you explore the many wonders that Kunshan has to offer. From serene water towns and historic landmarks to vibrant cultural centers and lush parks, discover the unique experiences that make Kunshan a truly unforgettable destination.

Kunqu Opera

Discover the elegance of Kunqu Opera, one of China's oldest and most refined art forms. With its soft arias and graceful movements, this UNESCO-listed masterpiece enthralls audiences with its high literary value and historic significance. Visit the China Kunqu Opera Museum to learn more.

Suzhou Garden

Step into the serene world of Suzhou Garden, a collection of exquisite classical gardens renowned for their intricate design and harmonious blend of nature, architecture, and art. Be captivated by the timeless beauty and tranquility of these UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Jinxi Ancient Town

Explore the secrets of Jinxi Ancient Town, a charming riverside gem in Southern China with a rich history that spans over thousands of years. Home to the ancient lotus bridge and Princess Chen's tomb, this historic town boasts a variety of folk museums, including the old bricks museum and the purple sand pottery museum. Indulge in local delicacies like Wadisu and crabapple cake, and immerse yourself in the town's cultural heritage today.

Zhouzhuang Water Town

Explore Zhouzhuang, China's best waterside town, boasting a rich history spanning over 900 years. Stroll along charming lanes, admire stone bridges, and marvel at well-preserved Ming and Qing Dynasty houses. Experience the enchanting atmosphere of this ancient, picturesque haven.

Canglang Pavilion

Explore the rich cultural heritage of Kunshan at Canglang Pavilion, a classic example of ancient Chinese garden design and architecture. Be enchanted by the tranquil setting and historic significance of this unique attraction.

Lingering Garden in Suzhou

Experience the enchanting Lingering Gardens, one of China's four most famous gardens. This 5.8-acre UNESCO World Heritage site in Suzhou showcases exquisite Qing-style architecture, masterful calligraphy, and unique stones amidst stunning landscapes, reflecting its 400-year history and passionate owners.