The Cloud Forest dome at Gardens by The bay near Paradox Hotels

Paradox Hotel Group

Trusted Hotel Management | Kind & Generous Service

Paradox Hotel Group is a hospitality management group that programs, develops, and operates unique properties under the name 'Paradox' and a collection of independently branded properties. With more than decades of collective experience, we aim to do everything possible within our means to satisfy our guests with an experience that exceeds normalities by creating memories of imaginative and surprising lifestyle experiences in the city you're visiting us in.

A lady looking thoughtfully while relaxing with nature

Environment and Sustainability

British Columbia is the home of the founding team of the Paradox Hotel Group. This is where they love to live, breathe, enjoy the beauty and have new adventures. Because of this, caring for the vital natural resources of their surroundings is of paramount importance. The Paradox group regularly monitors and pivots its operational decisions to ensure better stewardship of our global environment.

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A woman carrying a trophy at Paradox Hotels

History & Achievements

Paradox properties have been recognized with accolades from Haute Grandeur, The World Ski Awards and have been reviewed to be one of the top properties in their region on TripAdvisor.