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Paradox Hotels & Resorts
Living Life Unscripted

From Grassroots to Global with Charisma & Grit

How We Got Here & Where Are We Going

At the heart of Paradox Hotels & Resorts lies a story not just of luxury and hospitality, but of unexpected harmonies and the beauty of contrasts. Inspired by its founders' unique journeys and multifaceted personalities, Paradox is a brand that celebrates the rich tapestry of human experiences and the surprising depths we discover in others and ourselves.

From our humble beginnings, Paradox has grown into a global brand with a presence in four countries and two independent child brands. Each location is a unique reflection of our core belief - that it's in the merging of contrasts where true beauty and understanding emerge.

The Paradox Hotel identity is defined by an unwavering commitment to first-class hospitality that offers guests immersive experiences through authentic, cultured, and witty service that doesn't take itself too seriously.  

Our collective vision is to create a hospitality brand that reflects the true local spirit of Vancouver, Canada -- the city that started it all; where world-class luxury and laid-back lifestyles go hand-in-hand. 

Paradox Hotels offer an immersive experience that celebrates individuality, authentic human connections, and vibrant local cultures.  

• Cultured yet approachable 
• Sophisticated yet street-smart 
• Intrinsically refined, and unabashedly unconventional 

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We resonate with authenticity | Real Vibes Only 

An Old-school Approach For a New Era of Hospitality 

Our purpose, and the driving force behind our approach, is to provide guests with a hospitality experience that forms lasting memories and tangible moments that resonate with their unique stories and enrich their lives long after they check out.  

Staying true to our foundational beliefs in placing authentic human-to-human relationships first through over-the-top generosity and authentic human-to-human connections, Paradox Hotel Group is committed to a new approach to hospitality, one that celebrates the beautiful synchronicity of unique identities, individual stories and immersive localities steeped in vibrant cultures.  


As a brand, we promise to do everything possible within our means to satisfy our guests with an experience that exceeds normalities and creates memories of imaginative and surprising lifestyle experiences in the city you’re visiting. 


We strive to think of others' needs above our own, to our staff and colleagues and especially our guests'. We're slow to judge, quick to forgive. This also means we will put aside our pride, finances, and needs to reconcile with and win the hearts of each other and our guests. (It’s not thinking of yourself as less, but thinking about yourself less) 


In all aspects of our lives, we strive to demonstrate honesty, reliability, and responsibility, even when it's a difficult choice. In turn, this forms a pillar for our character that is foundational to a long-lasting relationship with each other and our guests. 


We don't take ourselves too seriously; we're collectively eclectic, eccentric, and a little bit weird. We strive to remain non-judgemental and non-pretentious but still stylish, always putting ourselves in the shoes of others. 


Whenever we can, we will inject fun, silliness, and surprise into the everyday. We go above and beyond to learn something about each other and our guests so that we can give them something that’s not only imaginative, spontaneous, surprising, and fun but something deeply meaningful and personal to their unique personalities. 

Current Locations

Join us at Paradox Hotels & Resorts, and embrace a world where every visit is a new story, where every moment is a celebration of contrasts, and where every guest is a part of our ever-evolving tapestry.