Lady receiving a massage in a spa at Summit Lodge

Lotus Spa & Lounge

Replenish at one of Whistler's Top Spas

Guests of Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel have access to replenishing treatments at Lotus Spa & Lounge. After a day of travel or exploring Whistler, relax with a pampering massage in this bright, airy, and spacious oasis overlooking the forested pool area of the hotel. All massage therapists at Lotus Spa are professionally trained with at least one year of experience. Signature treatments include Swedish Massage, Stress Relief and Relaxation Body Massage, and Rayner Massage, which locates areas of residual tightness or blockages within the body and removes them.  

Women in bathrobes drinking wine at Summit Lodge

Journey of the Lotus Flower

The lotus flower begins its journey in deep mud, slowly growing through murky water before breaking through the surface of the pond. There, it finally blossoms — beautiful and whole — under the radiant sun. This unique transformation has made the lotus flower into a cherished symbol across many Eastern religions, by providing a metaphor for the human condition; as human beings, we often triumph over many obstacles before emerging as a resilient whole.

In Buddhism, the lotus flower represents purity, spiritual awakening, and faithfulness. The lotus flower traces a path through muddy waters, yet emerges with clean petals, unsullied by its surroundings. This makes the lotus flower a befitting symbol for both rebirth and purity. In all forms of Buddhism, the lotus is symbolic of the highest spiritual attainment — when Buddha is portrayed in his enlightenment state, he often sits upon an open lotus flower.

The lotus flower holds similar meaning in Hinduism. According to a Hindu creation legend, a golden lotus once arose from primal water, opening up to reveal the gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva at its centre. Hindu belief understands the core of the lotus as a centre of great vitality and power. Similar to Buddhism, Hinduism reveres the lotus’s ability to remain unspoiled by the muddy water surrounding it. By rising above the water, the lotus flower enlightens followers to search for enlightenment without being enticed by material temptations (symbolized by the mud).

Lady receiving a massage in a spa at Summit Lodge

In all traditions, the lotus flower offers a powerful image. It asks us to remain hopeful that beauty can grow from suffering — that though we might be in the dark about our path as we go through our personal journeys, we will one day blossom under the sun.

Woman in bathrobe walking near the pool at Summit Lodge

Make Time to Relax

Getting that Healthy Work-life Balance Needs

Resetting yourself properly doesn’t always happen overnight. Making the time get a couple of nights to yourself to fully unwind is sometimes worth it, to catch up with that special someone, make memories and return to life re-orientated away from distractions and towards the things that are most important to us.