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Find the Best Restaurants in Whistler

Want to know where the best restaurants in Whistler are? Just ask a local. Odds are they’ll point you toward the Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel. On any given day, and especially on weekends, you'll find in-the-know Whistler-ites dining with us. Sachi Sushi is a casual Japanese restaurant serving up creative rolls and sashimi crafted by chef Toshiyuki Kobayashi, complemented by hot sake and a diverse beer and wine list.  

Closeup of a plate of sushi on a table at Summit Lodge

Sachi Sushi

With Toshiyuki Kobayashi, owner and head sushi chef, his creations are designed to delight your eyes and dazzle your tastebuds, this creatively made sushi and Japanese food makes a trip to Sachi Sushi a valued experience.

Sun Punch

Grab 'N Go Breakfast

Fuel your day, sunshine! Grab Summit Lodge's breakfast to match your morning vibe – just call in before the owl hoots and get ready for a flavor fiesta. Peace, bites, sip, and delight!

Lorette Brasserie

Exciting news, foodies! Summit Lodge is soon to welcome new dining spots. Get a sneak peek of their delicious offerings at our breakfast pop-up at Caramba Restaurant, open daily from 8am to noon. Come taste what's coming!

Closeup of Meal served with wine at Summit Lodge

Whistler Food District

Foodie? Us Too!

That’s why we love that Summit Lodge lives on Whistler’s food street! And not only that, we have all of our favourite independent and unique eats just steps away from our hotel. We’ve listed some of some must-visit eateries right here, with some helpful pointers for anyone with the following whole food preferences.