Closeup of Meal served with wine at Summit Lodge

Whistler Food District

Summit Lodge Lives on Whistler's Food Street!

Foodie? Us too! That’s why we love that Summit Lodge lives on Whistler’s food street! And not only that, we have all of our favourite independent and unique eats just steps away from our hotel. We’ve listed some of some must-visit eateries right here, with some helpful pointers for anyone with the following whole food preferences.

Friends toasting wine glasses at Summit Lodge

Whistler Craft Beers

Everything in Whistler Just Seems to go Better with Beer

Long day playing in the powder? Head straight to après and order a beer. Sweltering summer day? Grab a spot on a patio and get thee a pint. Filling time during shoulder season? Better pair those back-to-back ski flicks with a cold one. 


We get it, sometimes you just want what you want! Need a more mainstream fast-food fix.

The Main Street area is also happy to serve you the following

Domino's Pizza

Dairy Queen