An Extraordinary Family Vacation at the Two-Bedroom Beachfront

A view of turquoise blue sea of Karon beach from Family Two-Bedroom Beachfront Residence
A living room, connected with master bedroom, and a balcony with stunning view of Karon beach, phuket
A couple is having dinner during the sunset time at the balcony of the Family Two-Bedroom Beachfront
A master bedroom with the sea view
A twin bedroom for your kids
Dining area with table, chairs, and kitchenette of the Family Two-Bedroom Beachfront Residence
Kitchenette inside of the Family Two-Bedroom Beachfront
The infinity pool of the Family Two-Bedroom Residence with the view of Karon beach on the sunny day.

If you're a large family seeking spacious accommodations where everyone can stay together without separation, we are ready to serve you with our Family Two - Bedroom Beachfront. It meets every family's vacation needs with expansive rooms ready to accommodate your entire family, complete amenities, and a beachfront view that allows you to enjoy the sky, meeting the turquoise sea up close.

Family Two-Bedroom Beachfront offers ocean views at every moment of relaxation.

These accommodations feature stunning ocean views that can be enjoyed from a 180-degree perspective. Soft sunlight gently touches the sea, illuminating beautiful golden hues reminiscent of precious pearls. Feel the gentle sea breeze caressing your face, creating truly enchanting moments throughout your stay. Alternatively, experience the most beautiful sunset on Karon Beach, where the soft orange light blends with the sound of the sea and sandy beaches, embracing the warmth that awaits your family with open arms.

Family Two-Bedroom Beachfront accommodations that cater to your stay.

These rooms are ideal for true family stays, decorated in a modern style with well-designed living spaces. Featuring a king-sized bed and offering ocean views throughout your relaxation time, the spacious bathroom is divided into dry and wet zones, whether it's the bathtub area or the regular shower zone. Just a few steps outside the main bedroom door, you'll find a room for your little ones with twin beds that are not too high. Amenities within the room are comprehensive. Stepping out of the room, you'll discover a central area with a cozy sitting corner and oversized sofas, making entertainment on the smart TV easily enjoyable. Additionally, there's a kitchen area equipped with many essential items.

Paradox Resort Phuket offers a family-friendly vacation experience.

We provide professional service if you're looking for a resort or accommodation that meets every family's needs. Our kids club and activities area are equipped with toys and entertainment media, supervised closely by staff for safety at all times. Beyond that, we have an Infinity Pool exclusively for the Family Two-Bedroom Residence's guests, offering tranquility and a peaceful environment. Guests can swim in the large pool while enjoying uninterrupted views of Karon Beach. Alternatively, you can sunbathe and enjoy the cool sea breeze.

Within our resort, you'll find a serene atmosphere where you can stroll amidst various plants, lush greenery, and tropical gardens designed to enhance your relaxation. Experience tranquility on Karon Beach with us at Paradox Resort, enriching every family stay with accommodations catering to all your needs. Enjoy an authentic vacation experience with us.