Elevating Chinese Cuisine: A Recap of the Chinese Master Chefs: Masters Finale 2022 at Paradox Hotel Vancouver


The Ultimate Culinary Experience


The finale of the Chinese Master Chefs: Masters event was a night to remember for all those in attendance. The combination of four high-profile award-winning chefs and new-wave talents from prestigious hotels and upscale restaurants in Vancouver and Hong Kong was a culinary masterpiece. Each chef brought their own unique perspective to the table, showcasing the infinite possibilities of Chinese cuisine.



Award-Winning Chefs


The first chef, Executive Chef Lee Man Sing from Mott32 Group, presented a Baked Gindara Sablefish with Pine Mushrooms as well as a Cilantro Pipa Wingtat Chicken. These dishes were not only visually stunning but also had a complexity of flavors that left guests in awe. The second chef, Tang Chi Keung, Chinese Culinary Advisor, from Peninsula Hotels, presented an A5 Hitachigyu with a mild spiced Drunken Abalone as well as a Braised imperial bird’s nest in bamboo pith with Wingtat Loong Kong Chicken jus. These dishes were a true representation of traditional Chinese cuisine that was elevated to new heights.



Modern Twists on Tradition


The third chef, Executive Chef Alex Chen from Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar Wild Blue Restaurant, presented a Terrine of Two Rivers quail, fois gras, shaved truffles, and spiced pumpkins as well as a Consommé of Jamon Iberico, BC geoduck, local uni, and pine mushrooms. These dishes were a fusion of traditional Chinese flavors with a modern twist that left guests wanting more.





Paradox Hotel Vancouver’s Award-Winning Executive Chef Manpreet Sethi curates one of the nine courses at the event


Executive Chef Manpreet Sethi from Paradox Hotel Vancouver, presented a Black Pepper Dungeness Crab Beignet, Scallop & King Shrimp Terrine, Kam Heong & Ikura Nage. These dishes were a true representation of the local seafood flavors that Vancouver is known for.


New Wave of Chinese Cuisine


The new wave chefs, Toby Chen from L’Abattoir and Group pastry Sous Chef Jimmy Soo from Maximal Concepts, also brought their unique perspectives to the table with their dishes. Toby Chen presented a Crispy Berkshire pork belly with boudin noir and ‘Lu Shui’ jus, green apple puree. Jimmy Soo presented an Almond cream soup with egg white marshmallow and a Sesame chocolate tart with lime, sea salt, and pine nut. These dishes were a true representation of the new wave of Chinese cuisine that is taking the world by storm.



Elevated Dining Experience with Wine Pairings by Mott-32 Sommelier Robert Stelmachuk


The wine pairing by Robert Stelmachuk, Sommelier at Mott-32 Restaurant, holding the title “Sommelier of the Year”, truly elevated the dining experience to a whole new level. The cocktails prepared by a new wave mixologist supported by China’s top baijiu spirit also added to the overall atmosphere of the event. The music performances by Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra (VMO) brought the ambiance to a new sensory heights experience for the guests.


Overall, the Chinese Master Chefs: Masters Finale 2022 at the Paradox Hotel Vancouver was a true representation of the culinary excellence of Chinese cuisine. The collaboration of high-profile award-winning chefs and new-wave talents brought the event to new heights and left guests wanting more. This event truly elevated the culinary art in Vancouver and showcased the infinite possibilities of Chinese cuisine.