Kunshan Local Events

Kunshan Lantern Festival

You can feast your eyes on brightly coloured orbs of light at the Kunshan Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival at Time's Park and Huiju Temple in celebration of the annual lunar festival.

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Four Seasons In Zhouzhuang

The "Four Seasons in Zhouzhuang" stage performance is a scintillating, sensory feast combining artistic dance, dramatic lighting design, heartrending music and effects to recreate the nostalgic origins of the water town's eco-culture and depicts how its people lived in harmony with water south of the Yangtze River.

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Kunshan Opera Gala

As one of the oldest existing forms of Chinese opera that integrates singing, dialogue, acting, acrobatics, dancing and martial arts, Kunqu's repute as a treasure of Chinese traditional culture and art is duly recognised by UNESCO.

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