Paradox's distinct design and style

You will quickly discover Kunshan's captivating appeal, especially so for Paradox Kunshan guests. A variety of options for retail therapy is a mere stroll away; cultural aficionados will have much to preoccupy them within the vicinity; business travellers couldn't be more efficient than being in the heart of the commercial district.

And convenience is best complemented by Paradox's distinct design and style. The vibrant sense of joie de vivre on full display in its contemporary rooms furnishings is accentuated with bold hues for a dash of optimism, yet remarkably down-to-earth with freshly pressed linens and sheets for comfort. Suitably styled with space for movement at work or leisure lounging, or simply gaze outside and be in awe of the magnificence of the gardens and river views beyond.

Executive King / Twin Room

The creature comforts here are what make our Executive rooms the Paradox Kunshan's most popular. Wouldn't you say that fantastic high-floor views, stylish designer décor, superb amenities and service tick all the boxes for a great room.

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Deluxe King / Twin Room

A stunning panorama of the lush surround and city bustle is the respite afforded by the lofty elevation here. Refined interiors reflect a modern vibe of understated luxe. Comfort and practicality reigns.

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Superior King / Twin Room

Our basic room yet as equally outstanding as the rest. The same amenities, the same service.

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Corner King / Twin Room

For a room in the quieter corner along the corridor, you'll enjoy wider window views from your little sanctuary.

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