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Kunshan, Yangtze River Delta's rising star

Kunshan, Yangtze River Delta's rising star, is a county-level city of numerous charms, attracting business visitors and holidaymakers, satisfying their wanderlust. Its economic progress has drawn many, but not more so than Kunshan's renowned history and nature-bestowed scenery.

Zhouzhuang, Qiandeng and Jinxi are but a few of Kunshan's ancient water towns on traveller's bucket lists, each boasting a history beyond 2,000 years. In this intoxicatingly pretty hamlet that consists of over forty lakes and a thousand kilometres of flowing streams and waterways, the urban fabric of water is a recurring theme uniting an explorer's map of Kunshan. Delectable hairy crabs from Yangcheng Lake are among our most exquisite seasonal delicacy, savoured the world over by gourmands and food connoisseurs who clamour to wax lyrical about this exotic Chinese mitten crab specialty.

Away from the waters, a round of golf at either of the three nearby golf courses, is a welcome leisurely pursuit that lets you take in the surroundings and a healthy dose of sunshine.

An eastbound bullet train ride teases with rustic countryside views transitioning to the Shanghai metropolis in as little as 16 minutes. Or how about a trip to another famous city in Jiangsu province, Suzhou the "Venice of the East". Vacationers traipse across this ancient water town boasting the most UNESCO-recognised gardens in the world to experience first-hand its romanticised classical gardens, picturesque canals and bridges.

Other attractions that beckon-Huayi Brothers Movie Park and Shanghai Disneyland. Or head to the Kunshan Opera House and Library which houses various restaurants and a cinema.

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