Romantic Getaway with Penthouse Villa

A honeymooner is having the good time on the rooftop of the Penthouse, dipping in the Plunge Pool.
The Penthouse Villa features King Bed, Day Bed and a seating area
A bathtub with flower decoration in Penthouse Villa for a romantic bath
A hallway in the Penthouse Villa with private courtyard and the stair to the rooftop

Penthouse Villa - Relaxing Accommodation designed for Special Moments for Couples.

You'll find this romantic atmosphere throughout Paradox Resort, where hand-in-hand strolls through oasis-like gardens, lush greenery, and serene pathways soothe the soul after a long day. As evening falls, the Penthouse welcomes you with its tropical decor, primarily adorned with wood, gentle lighting, and a natural ambiance, ensuring an exceptional stay for couples seeking a close-to-nature experience.

What makes the Penthouse Villa unique?

The Penthouse Villa is specifically designed for couples, whether for a honeymoon, an anniversary, or a long weekend getaway. It's decorated in a tropical style, emphasizing interior ambiance and offering views of the natural lotus pond. The tranquil atmosphere, adorned with primarily wooden decor and soft, comforting lighting, creates an exceptionally romantic setting for every moment spent there.

What does the Penthouse Villa include?

PARADOX Penthouse Villa fulfills every relaxation need for couples, featuring a spacious 72-square-meter area. It includes a large bedroom with a choice of king-size or twin beds, situated on the top floor for stunning panoramic views of the 5-star resort. Surrounded by lush green gardens and a serene pond adorned with beautiful lotus flowers, it provides guests with a warm and beautiful experience.

The Penthouse Villa and its Special Unique Experience

Experience an extraordinary atmosphere in the Penthouse Villa, immersed amid true natural beauty. With a tranquil and secluded environment, it's perfect for couples seeking privacy. The fragrance of lotus flowers enhances the romantic atmosphere, filling every moment of happiness with gentle sunlight touching the skin as you relax on the second floor, soaking in the plunge pool and enjoying the tropical garden breeze.

Experience the Ambiance of theSea on Karon Beach

Feel the gentle breeze blowing through and the sound of waves crashing on the beach. Take a hand-in-hand walk with your loved one to watch the sunset over Karon Beach. The sunlight casts a shimmering reflection on the calm sea, creating an unforgettable scene. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Karon Beach, making your stay memorable with every second of relaxation.