Your Karon Fin Fest 2024 Preparation Guide

Amazing Phuket Surf Festival 2024 Poster

Indeed, the reasons for tourists visiting Phuket often vary. Whether it's for relaxation, water activities, or to enjoy local Phuket cuisine, each visitor typically has different objectives. Following Phuket Pride 2024, Karon Beach will host the Karon Fin Fest 2024. This event is a subdivision of the Amazing Phuket Surf Festival 2024. The Karon Fin Fest, scheduled for July 27-28, 2024, features a notable surfing competition, marking the first of its kind at Karon Beach.

Unmissable Festival by Tourists

Visiting Phuket during festivals is undeniably exhilarating and memorable for your new trip. The upcoming Karon Fin Fest 2024 has gathered numerous activities to enhance your enjoyment and create lasting memories. It includes food stalls offering delicious dishes from various restaurants, workshop activities for you to try out, and even surfing lessons. Certainly, if you come to witness the surfing competition and feel excited to try the experience yourself, this Karon Fin Fest 2024 event will provide opportunities for you to learn and try it out firsthand.

Enjoy the sunset at Karon Beach with live music and DJs

If you love live music and DJ sets on the beach, this festival is especially for you. What could be better than spending time at a festival that goes from morning until late? Another great thing about this event that makes it appealing to everyone is that you can attend for free, as there is no entrance fee whatsoever.

Activities Beyond Surfing Competitions

If you think this festival is only about surfing competitions or catering exclusively to wave enthusiasts, you're mistaken. This festival offers much more, including various food stalls from different restaurants and beachside art activities. It's a single event where you can enjoy a wide range of activities all at once.

Certainly, our Paradox Resort Phuket is located right by Karon Beach and close to the Phuket Karon Fin Fest event area. So, you can enjoy the festival starting from morning and have fun with music and DJs until the event concludes, without worrying about a difficult journey back to your accommodation late at night.