Celebrate a Greener Future: World Oceans Day 2024 at Paradox Resort Phuket

Paradox Resort Phuket staff is cleaning the beach right now.
A group of people is cleaning Karon Beach
Women is happy while doing the beach cleanup
Paradox Staff is walking to Karon Beach for the beach cleanup.
A group shot after beach cleaning in front of Paradox Residence

June is a crucial month for environmental awareness, with World Reef Awareness Day on June 1, World Environment Day on June 5, and World Oceans Day on June 8. These days are a vital reminder of the need to protect our planet and its precious ecosystems.

Recent news has highlighted the devastating impact of climate change on our oceans, including severe coral bleaching due to rising ocean temperatures. Stories of sea turtles and other marine life ingesting plastic or getting caught in fishing nets are becoming all too common. Additionally, the appearance of rare sharks and other sea animals in seafood markets underscores the urgent need to address human actions that harm biodiversity.

At Paradox Resort Phuket, we are committed to sustainability. Our initiatives include energy-efficient systems and sustainable sourcing of materials to minimize our environmental impact. This year, in honor of these important environmental days, we have organized a beach cleaning event at Karon Beach. We are thrilled to report that Karon Beach is noticeably cleaner this year, with significantly less trash collected compared to last year.

We firmly believe that small actions can lead to significant change. By participating in efforts like beach cleanups, we can all contribute to a healthier planet!