Rose Collagen Facial Journey

Valentine's / Galantine's Special

Embark on this Limited Edition transformative wellness experience with our “Rose Collagen Facial Journey " at Xylia Natural Spa. Designed to unfolds, a tale of rejuvenation and timeless beauty, this exclusive 65 minutes experience combines the soothing indulgence of an organic facial and gentle embrace of steam enveloping you in pure, love bliss.
Natural Morning Rose Steam (15 minutes)
Your journey begins with a gentle embrace of steam, like the morning mist caressing the petals of a blooming rose, preparing the skin for the magic to come.

Organic Rose Collagen Facial (50 minutes)
Next, indulge in our signature Organic Rose Collagen Facial. For 50 minutes, it captures the quintessence of organic roses, complemented by the calming energy of Rose Quartz. As our therapists apply their artistry with the rose elixir and the precise techniques of Rose Quartz Gua Sha massage, they also introduce the indulgent rose essential oil scalp massage, intertwining relaxation and rejuvenation. Each touch not only aims to revitalize your skin but also soothes the mind, making this journey a holistic haven of beauty and serenity. This fusion of skilled facial treatment and aromatic scalp massage leaves you in a state of deep relaxation, with a radiant complexion and a refreshed spirit, showcasing our therapists' exceptional dedication to your wellbeing.



  • 15 minutes Natural Morning Rose Steam
  • 50 minutes DUO Organic Rose Collagen Facial with Scalp massage
  • Enjoy in Our Luxurious Couples Room
  • Full access to hotel amenities

Terms and conditions

  • CAD $470 ++
  • Available only in Febuary 2024.
  • Prices exclusive of 5% Spa tax and Gratuity.