Aroma Spa Date

Valentine's / Galantine's Special

Embark on a Limited Edition sensory journey to your individual spirits yet harmonized together with our “AROMA SPA DATE" at Xylia Natural Spa. Designed to celebrate couples / besties connection, to immerse themselves in the spa's renowned Aromatherapy Spa Day experience, a testament to the healing power of nature and touch.

Light Therapy Steam (15 minutes)
This serene interlude in the embrace of light and steam was more than a prelude to relaxation; it was a moment of shared tranquility, a whisper of the bliss that lay ahead.

Aromatherapy Personalized DUO Massage (60 minutes)
Next, with your chosen scents mingling in the air, creating a unique aromatic narrative, the massage began. Our skilled therapists tailor the session to your individual preferences, ensuring each touch and technique resonates deeply with your personal journey The massage was not merely a physical relief but a sensory voyage, with the power of touch amplified by the chosen essences, crafting an experience that resonated deeply within their hearts.



  • 15 minutes Light Therapy Aroma Steam
  • 60 minutes Aromatherapy Personalized DUO Massage
  • Enjoy in Our Luxurious Couples Room
  • Full access to hotel amenities

Terms and conditions

  • CAD $560 ++
  • Available only in Febuary 2024.
  • Prices exclusive of 5% Spa tax and Gratuity.