Body Massage

Close-up of a oil bottle used at Spa at Paradox Singapore

Treat yourself to a heavenly massage and sink into pure bliss. Relax, rejuvenate, and revitalise your body with techniques that reduce stress and tension.


EM1 - Wellness Fusion Massage 60 I 90 min S$160 I S$220 

A relaxing massage that combines stretching with firm pressure to release built-up tension and reduce pain and stiffness. This massage helps you to relax by relieving tension and improving REM sleep.

EM2 - Aromatherapy Massage 60 I 90 min S$160 I S$220

An ancient art in which the essential oils of flowers and herbs are applied to the body, inducing relaxation, increasing energy, reducing the effects of stress, and restoring lost balance to the mind, body and soul.

EM3 - Yuan Qi Massage 60 I 90 min S$160 I S$220

A traditional Chinese massage that incorporates acupressure techniques that target your meridian point. Feel revitalized and reenergized as your body undergoes a deep healing process.

EM4 - Bamboo Massage 60 I 90 min S$160 I S$220

Treat yourself to a healing bamboo massage using specially designed techniques to loosen tense muscles and promote circulation. Feel a sense of physical relief and total relaxation from this deep massage.

EM5 - Customized Massage 30 I 60 I 90 min S$85 I S$160 I S$220

We will listen to your concerns to focus on the area you specify and customize the techniques according to what’s best for you.